Formica island

Formica island

Alessio Milan - CC2.0

Formica Island is a private island, home to a therapeutic community for drug addicts, and can only be visited if authorized by the community that owns it.
Its characteristic name is linked to an invasion of ants that they would have covered its rocks attracted by a viscous plant.
The island has been inhabited since ancient times by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Italians, Romans, Arabs and Normans. It was the site of an important tuna fishery, second only to that of Favignana.
On the island there are: a small port; a lighthouse; the old Tonnara, owned by the Florios, inside which today are the carpentry shop, a conference room, the boys' dormitories and the canteen; the small church called del Rais because it was used by the fishermen who worked in the trap; a small museum where it is possible to admire a boat, in perfect condition, used for the slaughter and various amphorae found in the surrounding waters.

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