Florio Palace in Favignana

Florio Palace in Favignana

Vito Rallo - CC3.0


  Via Florio - Favignana (TP)

Palazzo Florio in Favignana is a neo-Gothic style palace, which was the home of the Florio family.
It was built in 1878 by Ignazio Florio, based on the architect's project Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda, who also took care of restructuring and expanding the Tonnara plant. To do this, a pre-existing tower that made up the San Leonardo fort was demolished. The palace became the living room of Favignana, where Ignazio Florio jr and Donna Franca invited their friends to party, during the slaughter period. In the years of the Bella Epoque, many illustrious personalities passed through here, from the Empress Eugenia to the Duke of Aosta.
The exterior of the building is in neo-Gothic style while the interiors are in Art Nouveau style. The cottage was connected through underground passages to another building at the top of the slope of the port, now a hotel, where the kitchens and the servants' stables were located.
Palazzo Florio di Favignana today is the seat of the Municipal Council , the Municipal Library and the Info point for tourism. Inside there is also a small antiquarium and a malacological collection , with free admission

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