Caves of Riserva dello Zingaro

Caves of Riserva dello Zingaro

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 Cda Sughero - San Vito lo Capo(TP)

There are numerous caves in the Zingaro Nature Reserve .

The Grotta del Sughero is undoubtedly the largest and most interesting of the reserve both for its concretions, stalactites, stalagmites and columns of about 10 meters, both for the presence of characteristic formations such as eccentrics, that is particular shapes that do not respect the force of gravity. The cave is also distinguished by the presence of water, very rare inside the karst cavities in this Reserve, and therefore by the presence of some small lakes.

The Grotta dell'Uzzo , also known as Grotta Grande due to its size, is 45 meters deep and 50 meters wide. The cavity, protected from the wind by a curtain of trees and shrubs, is very interesting for archaeological reasons. Evidence has been made in this large cave, which date the presence of man from the Upper Palaeolithic. The objects found are now on display at the Salinas Museum in Palermo, while a series of graffiti engraved on the rock walls are still visible inside. The cave can be reached from the northern entrance of the Zingaro Nature Reserve, along the coastal path.

In the hilly area, in the gully that descends from Borgo Cusenza to Cala della Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, is the Grotta di Mastro Peppe Siino , a window on the sea. At the latter, which takes its name from the owner, there was even a millstone for wheat, an oven and a press, so as to be able to host the community for a long time, in case of danger.

Also in the hilly area there are three other very beautiful caves due to the presence of very interesting speleothems formed by the impact of the water against the walls, splash concretions. These are the Zubbia dei Coralli , the Zubbia del Corno and the Zubbia delle Lame . The three cavities are accessible only to expert people, as they are vertical caves.

Among the sea caves inside the reserve, we should mention: the Colombaccio cave , about 2 meters deep, through characterized by elegant stalactites formed by the falling of drops of fresh water that make their way into the rock; The Grotta della Capreria , a narrow tunnel on the surface, which opens with an oblique rocky split, from which light penetrates; The Mustia cave, similar in shape and position to the previous one; the Grotta della Corvina wider than the previous ones and made up of three chambers, separated from each other by rocky protrusions and boulders. It has two entrances. One almost on the surface which is accessed from an emerged cavity that leads to the second external chamber, the bottom of which gently leads to the third chamber. The other entrance to the cave, for the more experienced, is located at a depth of about 7 meters. The three rooms do not see almost all the light of day and can therefore be visited in total darkness; Grotta Ficarella , is the largest cave on the seabed of the Reserve. Being at a depth of 14 meters, it has an extremely low brightness. It has a large boulder inside, after which you enter a large tunnel that almost reaches the surface.

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