Calatabarbaro Castle in Segesta

Calatabarbaro Castle in Segesta

trolvag - CC3.0


 Contrata Barbaro, SR 22 - Calatafimi (TP)

The Castle of Calatabarbaro , located on the top of Monte Barbaro in the Archaeological Park of Segesta , was the stronghold of the city during the medieval period .
The Castle was organized around a central courtyard paved with bricks. Of the original building only the ground floor remains, but it was certainly equipped with an upper floor where it is believed the residential environments were.
On the ground floor it was possible to reconstruct the use of the various rooms: the latrine, with an adjacent stairwell connecting with the upper floor; in the north-eastern end there was a woodshed; in the northernmost area a deposit with numerous wine amphorae was found; the two southern rooms, equipped with earthenware and plastered floors, probably had representative functions; on the front there must have been the kitchens and another deposit.

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