Cathedral of San Gerlando in Agrigento

Cathedral of San Gerlando in Agrigento

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Indirizzo: Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni
Agrigento (AG)

The Cathedral of San Gerlando is located in the historic center of Agrigento, at the top of a staircase, located on the edge of a cliff.
It was built in the 12th century and, over the centuries, was remodeled and renovated. The cathedral was among the first founded in Sicily immediately after the advent of Christianity. The construction of the cathedral was entrusted to the Bishop of Agrigento, Gerlando Besançon.
The Baroque façade, surmounted by a sloping tympanum and highlighted by protruding pilasters, and the fifteenth-century bell tower with a square base constitute the essential elements of the external western part. Below, in the southern part, we find the two orders of blind single-lancet windows in the Plateresque style, which we have already mentioned, with the decorations of the Montaperto family, above which there is a large ogival arch, with the characteristic zigzag decorations, which was transformed into a balcony.
The interior, in Norman style, has a Latin cross plan and has three naves, with seven tall octagonal Baroque columns and pointed arches that culminate in an elegant transept with painted truss roof from the sixteenth century and decorated with various figures of saints from Agrigento and floral ornamental motifs. The next span is made of gilded coffers with a double-headed eagle, the coat of arms of the Habsburgs.
The works kept inside are numerous, of considerable value are: the Canvas of the Immaculate Conception; the Canvas of the Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus; the Urn of San Felice Martire; the Chapel of San Bartolomeo; the Lamentation Sculpture; the Canvas of the Madonna del Rosario and souls in purgative; the painting of the Madonna and child; the Chapel of the Redeemer.

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