Chiaramontano Castle of Favara

Chiaramontano Castle of Favara

Toni Pecoraro - CC4.0


 Piazza Cavour - Favara (AG)

The Chiaramontano Castle of Favara was built around 1280 by Frederick II of the noble Chiaramonte family. It was used by the Chiaramonte family for many years as a hunting lodge. In the eighteenth century it was used as a prison as evidenced by the numerous graffiti left on the walls by the prisoners.
Part of the building is surrounded by a fortified enclosure. In the outer wall of the enclosure there was once a crenellated tower that overlooked the square in front of the castle. The square in front was accessed by a Gothic-style portal, also lost. The central core had residential characteristics.
The large and single ogival entrance portal led into the central quadrangular courtyard on which all the rooms rotate and overlook. During the last restoration, residues of frescoes of two coats of arms of the Chiaramonte and of San Giorgio were brought to light in the passage. Worthy of mention is an epigraph, obtained from a monolithic stone shelf, now placed on the left wall of the entrance hall. The epigraph refers to the restoration that the building carried out on January 20, 1488 by a certain master Bernardo Sitineri at the behest of the Perapertusas, at that time baron of the Favara fiefdom. A popular legend is linked to this epigraph.
Going up a large staircase on the western side of the courtyard, you arrive at the noble floor, the place of residence of the ancient feudal lords, whose rooms are connected by a balcony. A beautiful portal leads into the small domestic chapel. From the gallery, a narrow staircase leads to a very intimate room with a panoramic view of the sea and the courtyard. This room, formerly intended for servants, was also used as a prison. Climbing the narrow staircase again you reach the terrace from which you can enjoy a very suggestive panorama. Today the castle is the representative seat of the Municipality and is used for cultural events.

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