Church of Our Lady of Assumption in Favara

Church of Our Lady of Assumption in Favara

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 Via Madrice, 24 - Favara (AG)

The monumental Mother Church of Our Lady of the Assumption is the main place of Catholic worship as well as the Cathedral of the city of Favara .
It was built between 1892 and 1898 on a pre-existing construction. The church is inspired by Lombard architecture models of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
The church has a Syracuse stone facade on a limestone base by Biliemi, with three entrance portals. The mosaics, the work of Tuscan artists, were added later. In the center we find the "Madonna Assunta", on the right "Sant'Antonio da Padova, patron saint of Favara, and on the left" the Angel who brings bread to the Prophet Elijah. "The splendid dome is certainly the most characteristic element of the entire building.
The facade has mosaics that were introduced around the end of the fifties by some Florentine artists.
Inside it is divided into three naves, of which the one on the left houses a large and valuable Crucifix of the seventeenth century, from the old mother church. To the right of the main altar, there is another wooden altar, in neoclassical style, which houses the statue of Saint Anthony of Padua, patron saint of Favara.
Among the works kept inside the church of particular interest are: a late nineteenth-century canvas depicting the Assumption of the Virgin who hands the keys of the church to two lay people who are probably the two patrons of the work itself, namely the brothers Giuseppe and Giovann i Judge; the organ built and placed by Pacifico Inzoli da Crema; the wooden pulpit, in neo-Gothic style, made in 1901 by the masters Antonio Amico and his son Antonio, based on a design by the Favarese painter Vincenzo Indelicato.

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