Astronomical Megalith in Gela

Astronomical Megalith in Gela


 SS115, 190 - Gela (CL)

The Astronomical Megalith of Gela is located not far from the prehistoric necropolis of Dessueri.
It is a large stone with a central hole capable of marking the passing of the seasons and years. The hole in the monolith was not caused by atmospheric agents or natural events, but made by men between the sixth and third millennium BC in order to measure time.
On the occasion of the winter solstice, at the rising of the sun, the rays perfectly illuminate the hole and the beam of light is projected on the ground.
There are other astronomical megaliths in Sicily, the astronomical megalith of the Jato Valley in Piana degli Albanesi, in Palermo, and the perforated stone of Cozzo Perciata , in Camporeale, now almost completely collapsed after being struck by lightning.

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