Archaeological Museum of Gela

Archaeological Museum of Gela

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 Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 1 - Gela (AG)

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Gela stands next to the ancient acropolis of the city.
It was built in 1955 by the Ministry of Public Works on a project by the architect Luigi Pasquarelli, and houses a collection with more than four thousand artifacts chronologically distributed from prehistoric times to the medieval age.
The exhibition space is divided into two floors and ample space is dedicated to collections relating to the Gela of the Greek era with materials coming from the Acropolis, from the Capo Soprano area, from the Bosco Littorio emporium and from the Necropolis.
Inside the museum there are various finds of great value: a beautiful and intact Corinthian helmet; collections of Greek pottery, black-figure and red-figure; and a large numismatic collection with coins from the various Greek Sicilian colonies. Of particular value is the "Wreck of Gela", a Greek merchant ship coming directly from the seabed of the city port.

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