Frourion of Falaride in Licata

Frourion of Falaride in Licata


 Monte Sole - Licata (AG)

The Frourion of Falaride, also known as Phrourion of Phalaris, is an ancient military outpost wanted by Falaride, tyrant of Akragas, the ancient Agrigento, to ensure control of the territory of Licata and to curb the expansion of Gela. The frourion, built in the first half of the sixth century BC, stands with its mighty fortified megalithic wall on Mount Sole, the highest peak of Mount Licata.
The conspicuous wall remains dominate a broad view: to the south the natural maritime shelters of the Licata coast, to the east the mouth of the Salso and the territory around Mount Sant'Angelo, to the north the wide plain of Licata and part of the course of the Salso, to the west the deep natural harbor of Mollarella. The defense of the southern side is entrusted to the rocks that fall overhanging the countryside below. Along the northern side there is an embankment and a dry retaining wall, along the eastern one a high wall dug into the rock edged at the top by slits, a funnel-shaped pit and a staircase leading to the patrol chimney. On the vast floor of the castle there are double-basin wine systems, water systems and a few posterns for the guardhouse.

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