Grangela of Licata

Grangela of Licata


 Via Grangela, 5 - Licata (AG)

The Grangela di Licata is a hydraulic work of the pre-Hellenic era used for the collection and supply of water in the ancient city, located at the foot of Monte Sant'Angelo .
It is a deep rectangular well dug into the rock which is accessed through a stairwell that runs around a central pillar also dug into the rock. In the shaft compartment, in the deepest part, the two rows of recesses, the "pedarole", used to access the well before the excavation of the staircase are evident. It is believed that in periods of flood the water was drawn from above, while in periods of low water it was taken directly from the collection tank using the stairs.
The Grangel is a work, still functional, for sure charm that draws the curiosity of many visitors. During an essay carried out on the bottom of the well some clay finds from the Hellenistic period were recovered, which would lead to attribute the work to at least that age.

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