Sanctuary of Sant'Angelo in Licata

Sanctuary of Sant'Angelo in Licata


 Piazza Sant'Angelo - Licata (AG)

The Santuario di Sant'Angelo is the patronal church of Licata and is dedicated to Sant'Angelo Carmelitano and stands in the place where, in May in 1220, the Saint suffered martyrdom at the hands of the royal castellan of the city, Berengario La Pulcella.
It was built starting from 1564 in the same place where a small church dedicated to the Saint stood, considered impractical given the increase in devotion towards the Carmelite Saint. In 1626 the structure was further enlarged, the works lasted for more than 150 years.
The church has a basilica structure with three naves with a transept and a chapel on the left side of the apse. The naves are separated by twelve columns made of Billieme marble. The aisles of the church house numerous works of art. Above the main entrance of the church there is a painted and carved wooden tribune with the coat of arms of the city and the symbols of the martyrdom of Sant'Angelo.

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