Urso Villa in Licata

Urso Villa in Licata


 Strada Vicinale Monserrato, 1 - Licata (AG)

The Villa Urso is one of the villas belonging to the " Park of the Liberty Villas " of Licata . Licata is full of villas and palaces that stand out on the hilltops as the rich bourgeoisie at the beginning of the twentieth century commissioned renowned architects and professionals for their main homes in the village and summer residences in the hills.
Villa Urso di Licata is a wonderful example of Liberty architecture. It was designed in 1907 by Ernesto Basile for the Urso family. The Villa has fine and elegant details: the colonnaded loggia with windows, the semicircular external staircase, the wall facing covered with ashlars and the tower that rises above the building with slender columns.

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