Temple of Hercules in Valley of Temples

Temple of Hercules in Valley of Temples

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Indirizzo: Valle dei Templi - Agrigento (AG)
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Temple of Hercules is a Greek temple of the ancient city of Akragas located in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.
The temple of Hercules is the oldest of the Doric temples of Agrigento and was built around the end of the sixth century BC. This dating is based on stylistic characteristics and above all on proportions, style and number of columns. Its attribution to the hero is believed to be reliable on the basis of a passage by Cicero which recalls the existence of a temple dedicated to Hercules at the Agora, recognized in the area immediately to the north.
The Doric order building has a base of three steps, on which six columns on the short sides and fifteen on the long sides rested. Inside, the narrow and long temple is divided into: entrance hall, cell and rear compartment, the first and the last with two columns between the doors.

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