Aurea Villa in Agrigento

Aurea Villa in Agrigento

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 SP4, 12 - Agrigento (AG)

Villa Aurea in Agrigento was the home of Sir Alexander Hardcastle , captain of the English army of noble origins who contributed to the rebirth of the Valley of the Temples all early twentieth century. He buys the country villa of the late nineteenth century which is located along the walls of ancient Akragas, between the temple of Concordia and that of Hercules, and calls it Villa Aurea due to its proximity to the homonymous gate of the ancient fortifications. > The villa has been the representative office of the Archaeological Park since 2008 and hosts temporary exhibitions and events.
The garden of Villa Aurea is of considerable value, partly built on the remains of an early Christian necropolis with hypogea and tombs still visible, it hosts numerous species of the Mediterranean scrub, exotic species and rare specimens, such as Eucalyptus erythrocorys, perhaps the only presence in Sicilian historical gardens.

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