Civic Museum in Aci Castello

Civic Museum in Aci Castello

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 Piazza Castello, 25 - Aci Castello (CT)

The Civic Museum of Aci Castello is located at the Norman Castle in Acicastello. In addition to permanent archaeological exhibitions, the museum also hosts traveling exhibitions and cultural events. The museum houses historical artifacts ranging from prehistory to the medieval age and has an interesting area dedicated to mineralogy.
The archaeological section houses man-made artefacts and tools from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Of particular interest is the underwater archeology section where the transport amphorae and the equipment of ancient ships are visible. The fragments of amphorae on display were extracted from the seabed between Acicastello and Acitrezza. These are mostly hills heavily encrusted with worms, amphorae from the Roman and late Roman periods.
The mineralogical section hosts minerals from the islands of the Cyclops and Acicastello with examples of various types of lava.
The paleontological section houses fossils attributable to the time interval from the Mesozoic era to the Pleistocene.

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