Lava Gorges of Adrano

Lava Gorges of Adrano


 Ponte Saraceno - Adrano (CT)

Forre del Simeto are deep gorges that the river has carved into the lava rocks. Gorges of Adrano are located near the Ponte dei Saraceni .
The gorges are of considerable landscape and geomorphological interest, both for the characteristic geometry of the basaltic prisms , and because they constitute the contact between sedimentary rocks and Etna lavas.
To reach the gorges, you have to take a dirt road that runs along the banks of the river starting from the Ponte dei Saraceni. A few hundred meters away, in correspondence with an artificial barrier of boulders, you reach the floodplain of the river, which here flows on open sides, towards the valley there is a waterfall and immediately afterwards the river sinks into the deep walls of the ravines.
Going up the path of the river, in the Bronte area, at the height of Ponte di Serravalle , you can see the initial stretch of the river's lava gorges.

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