Bridge of Saracens in Adrano

Bridge of Saracens in Adrano

Vincenzo Miconi - CC4.0


 Ponte Saraceno - Adrano (CT)

Bridge of Saracens of Adrano is a stone bridge over the Simeto river located in the Salto del Pecoraio district, in homage to an ancient legend. The bridge was part of an ancient road, which from north-eastern Sicily, along the course of the Alcantara and Simeto rivers, led to the plain of Catania. The bridge represents one of the major examples of civil architecture of the Middle Ages in Sicily and has resisted for about a thousand years the continuous stresses of the largest river in Sicily, the Simeto.
It was built in Roman times to facilitate trade between the urban centers that have sprung up close to the Simeto river. The ancient origins of the bridge are also supported by the many archaeological evidences that have been found in its surroundings, such as the ancient city of Mendolito . The peculiarity of the Ponte dei Saraceni, however, lies in representing the mixture of peoples that have followed one another in this area of ​​Sicily: the chromatic effects due to the alternation of light and dark stones in the arches are in fact typical of Islamic architecture.
Following the earthquake of 1693, the Ponte dei Saraceni was the victim of various damages. Today the bridge is interrupted at both ends, but retains its charm intact.

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