Madonna d'Idria Church in Viagrande

Madonna d'Idria Church in Viagrande

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 Piazza San Mauro - Viagrande (CT)

The Mother Church of Viagrande, dedicated to Santa Maria Dell’Idria, overlooks the main square of the town, Piazza San Mauro, and is the main place of worship in the city. The church is also known as the Church of San Mauro, due to the presence of its relics, kept inside.
It was built after the partial collapse of the previous structure due to the earthquake of 1639. The dome, built on an octagonal drum, dates back to 1860. Later, the Messina earthquake of 1908 damaged the structures of the building to the point that it had to be restored. completely. Between 1916 and 1924 the architect Fichera designed the current bell tower.
The lava stone facade, in contrast with the white plaster, creates plays of light and chiaroscuro typical of the Sicilian architectural style of the 18th century. The large pilasters, which start from the foundations and end under the cornice, which are located on the sides of the portals and the round windows above the side portals, also have the same function. The fluted columns of the Corinthian order, leaning against the central portal worked in a sock, refer to the church of Sant'Agata in Catania.
The interior, divided into three naves, has a Latin cross plan and is decorated with stuccos contemporary to the reconstruction. The altars are of great value, especially those in the right aisle.

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