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Viagrande is a charming center of ancient origins, a holiday destination of the old Catania aristocracy and includes numerous ancient villas built by the nobility of the time.
Its hilly position, halfway between Etna and the sea, the climate , the villas and gardens, still make it a popular destination for tourists.
Viagrande is also nature, a few steps from the inhabited center extends the Monte Serra Park, an equipped green area that includes an ancient covered volcanic crater from a dense vegetation.
Its gastronomy is very appreciated.


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Places "History of a blackcap" - Viagrande

Villa Di Bella in Viagrande is one of the sets of the film "Storia di una capinera", a film set in mid-nineteenth-century Catania.

"A beautiful November" - Viagrande

Villa Manganelli Biscari in Viagrande was the set of "A beautiful November", a film with Gina Lollobrigida set in Sicily.

Nearby Places

Below you will find a list of the most beautiful places to visit in the surroundings of Viagrande. The places are located at a maximum distance of about an half hour by car. Good fun!


Catania and Etna


Catania and Etna

Aci Castello

Catania and Etna

Aci Trezza

Catania and Etna

Zafferana Etnea

Catania and Etna


Catania and Etna