Museum of Sicilian Carretto in Aci Sant'Antonio

Museum of Sicilian Carretto in Aci Sant'Antonio


 Via V. Emanuele, 120 - Aci Sant'Antonio CT

Museum of the Sicilian Cart in Aci Sant’Antonio is located in the town recognized as the home of the Sicilian cart of excellence. The center is in fact known as "the country of the Sicilian cart" for having long been the center of the production of carts.
The museum is housed in the spaces of a building once used as warehouses and stables, characterized by high volutes in lava paving and a terracotta floor, where about ten carts are exhibited, all of which have undergone careful restoration. The oldest of the carts dates back to the nineteenth century. Through the exhibition itinerary we observe the evolution in the decoration of the banks, the masciddara, which were initially decorated with sacred images, as a request for protection from the saint represented, and subsequently evolved into ever richer and more detailed scenes depicting the chivalrous deeds of the paladins of France, those same stories represented by the Puppet Theater.

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