Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Olio in Blufi

Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Olio in Blufi


 SP138 - Blufi (PA)

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Olio di Blufi rises in the open green countryside, in a delightful solitary position, on the slope of a hill.
The existence of the sanctuary is documented in the place where the sanctuary stands. of a small church since medieval times. The stones on the edge of the altar dais date back to the 12th century, the small bell bears the date 1135.
The name Madonna dell'Olio derives from the nearby oil source mineral, used as a remedy for some skin diseases, but it is not excluded that it may allude to the presence of olive groves in the area in ancient times, which would also have given its name to the Oliva stream that laps the hill of the sanctuary and then flows into the Southern Imera river.
The façade, in eighteenth-century style, has a fine stone portal. The original bell tower, after being struck by lightning, was replaced by a new bell tower in reinforced concrete, set against the front of the church. The ancient noble coat of arms in marble of a high official of the Knights of Malta present on the façade has been stolen.
The interior of the Church, with a single nave, has valuable stuccoes dating back to ornamental and floral designs to 1841. At the center of the The main arch of the interior of the church bears the biblical words oleum effusum nomen tuum, meaning your name is like poured oil.
The wooden statue is of particular value. of San Giuseppe, represented in a youthful aspect, for the refinement of the lines of the face and hands, for the classical drapery and for the movement and slight impetus of the person.
In front of the church stands an artistic wrought iron stele, with a bright five-ray star, inaugurated on August 13, 1973.

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