Church of San Cataldo in Gangi

Church of San Cataldo in Gangi

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 Corso Vitale - Gangi (PA)

The Church of San Cataldo in Gangi, located on the Marone slope, is one of the main places of worship in Gangi. It was built in the first half of the fourteenth century, and was subjected to an important restoration in 1884, as the date engraved on the main portal shows.
The church overlooks the square of the same name and, from the front left corner, the bell tower of square shape surmounted by a conical spire with glazed tiles.
The interior is divided into three naves, the vault has an artistic decorative complex with three frescoes on the central nave, depicting San Cataldo in the act of rendering sight to a blind man, the Glory of the Saint, and the third miracle of the resurrection of the worker by the Palermo painter Tommaso Pollaci of 1819. In the vault of the presbytery there is a fresco by the painter Crispino Riggio dated to the mid-eighteenth century.
Among the works kept in the church , worthy of note are: a statue of 1598 of the Holy Bishop of Taranto, patron saint of Gangi; The Miracle of the Ten Thousand Martyrs, a work of 1619 by Giuseppe Salerno; the Madonna degli Agonizzanti by Filippo Quattrocchi; the marble statue of San Cataldo from the Gaginian school.

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