Bronte and the Brontë sisters


The Sicilian city of Bronte has a deep connection with the famous Victorian writers and Brontë sisters.
The Brontë sisters are a trio of famous writers and poetesses of the first half of the nineteenth century, authors of great classics of English literature: Charlotte Brontë is the author of Jane Eyre; Emily Brontë is the author of Wuthering Heights; and Anne Brontë is the author of The Lady of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Gray.
The father of the three sisters, Patrick Prunty, an Irish parish priest who became a professor at St. John's College in Cambridge, decided to change his surname to Brontë. The name Bronte appeared more aristocratic, was less affected by the poor Irish background from which Prunty came, and satisfied his admiration for Admiral Nelson, who three years earlier had been awarded the title of Duke of Bronte by King Ferdinand IV of the Two Sicilies , and his love for Sicily.
The presence of the umlaut on the "e" was intentionally inserted to indicate that the final letter 'e' is not silent as the rule of modern English would suggest.
The three daughters of Patrick Brontë with their literary fame have glorified and continue to glorify the name of the Sicilian town.

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