Castle of Slaves: places of the Godfather


Andrej Antipin - CC4.0

The Castle of the Slaves is famous throughout the world because it was used as a set in the film trilogy "The Godfather".
Francis Ford Coppola's cinematic masterpiece has always been considered one of the best films ever made, and tells the story of New York's powerful mafia family: the Corleones. In the trilogy the Castello degli Schiavi serves as a set for some of the main scenes: is the Sicilian residence of Michael Corleone. Among the scenes shot in the castle in "The Godfather" is the famous one of the explosion of the car after Michael's wedding. In “The Godfather Part III” the Castle of the Slaves is the place where Michael Corleone will spend the last years of his life, until the day of his death in solitude with only the company of a dog.

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