The ghost of the castle of Mussomeli


The legend tells of a ghost of a young Spanish soldier in love forced to wander in the castle of Mussomeli.
The young soldier was called Guiscardo de la Portes and he was in love with his beautiful wife Esmeralda. On an unspecified day in 1392, the leader left for Sicily with the army of King Martin I to appease the revolt of Andrea Chiaramonte, leaving his beloved wife at home waiting for her first child.
Arrived in Sicily , after Chiaramonte, who hindered the royals' entry into Palermo, was captured and beheaded, fascinated by the story of the sovereign on the land of Manfreda, ancient name of Mussomeli, headed to the heart of Sicily, followed without his knowledge by the men of Don Martinez, a man in love with the beautiful Esmeralda, but rejected by her and eager for this to take revenge on his rival Guiscardo. The young soldier was seriously wounded and locked up in the dungeons of the Castle, where he died in 1392. Before dying Guiscardo cursed God and was punished for this. Shortly thereafter, the soldier realized he had come out of his body but was still in the same room. The Supreme had condemned him to wander for a thousand years on earth for having cursed him.
It is said that in 1975 his spirit appeared to the keeper of the castle Pasquale Messina to whom he told this story and that his soul still wanders among the castle walls.

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