Legend of the three walled women alive


The legend of the three living walled women tells a tragic story that took place within the walls of Manfredonico castle in Mussomeli.
It is said that a powerful prince of the castle named Federico had three sisters called Clotilde, Margherita and Costanza. One day the prince was forced to go to war and, to protect his sisters, he segregated them in a small room whose door he had bricked up, with inside all the goods necessary for that survival which, unfortunately, instead of being short as he had imagined, it was very long. On his return he had a bitter and macabre discovery. The sisters had died of starvation, their faces were disfigured by hunger and their shoes between their teeth in an attempt to resist.
Even today in the castle it is possible to visit the "room of the three women" and it is said that moans are heard at night and desperate cries.

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