Legend of Maria La Bella in Brolo


Guglielmo il Vecchio - CC4.0

The Legend of Maria La Bella tells of the tragic love between the daughter of Francis I and an unknown suitor.
It is said that the beautiful princess waited at sunset for the arrival of her beloved who, from the sea, aboard a small boat reached the balcony of the Castle. The princess then let her braids fall so that the young man could hold on and reach her.
The young princess's brother discovered the secret meetings and wanted to punish the young suitor with death. It is said that he hid on the rock in front of Brolo, known for this reason as the rock of tears, that he killed the young lover and put him in a sack tied to a boulder, lowering him to the bottom.
From that day on the beautiful princess never he found more peace and his soul still wanders crying near that rock. It is also said that the princess advises fishermen to retreat in case of storms and that she wishes them good fishing when the sea is calm.

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