Legend about the origins of Alcara Li Fusi


Le origini di Alcara Li Fusi sono antichissime e la leggenda vuole che la cittadina affondi le sue radici nel mito.
Legend has it that after the fall of the city of Troy, the surviving Trojans left their homeland and traveled with Aeneas. During the trip to the Mediterranean, Patrone, a native of the city of Turio, called "the Turiano", going up the valley of the Rosmarino stream, found a place rich in water sources and sheltered from the winds. In this place he built a castle which was called "Turiano", in which he took up residence. Thus was founded the first nucleus of the "Turiano village" which later became Alcara.
Historically it is believed instead that the inhabited area originated following the destruction in 855, by the Saracens, of the cities of Crasto and Démena. following which the few surviving inhabitants moved further downstream, in the current Alcara Li Fusi.

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