Legend of the church of Santo Spirito


Effems - CC4.0

A popular legend tells the story of the foundation of the church of Santo Spirito in Ganci.
According to legend, in the place where the sanctuary stands there was an aedicule dedicated to the Holy Spirit, in which a boulder was placed in the groove of which the image of the Eternal Father with a dove on his chest was painted. It is said that, around 1500, a deaf-mute peasant intent on digging a well in that same place, hit this boulder with a spade. Moving the boulder, the man noticed that blood was gushing on it from the eyebrow where he had hit it with the spade. The farmer, on his way to the village, immediately shouted the miracle without realizing that a second miracle was taking place, he was able to shout. All this aroused the wonder and amazement of fellow citizens. The clergy decided to transport the painting to the village, but the oxen did not move from that place: this event was interpreted as the will of the painting to remain in that place. A small church was thus built in that place, where the prodigious boulder would be placed.

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