Legend of the golden chicks


The legend of the golden chicks tells of a treasure hidden in the Caltafaraci mountain of Favara and of an enchantment that guards it.
An ancient saying of the city of Favara said: "If you fall Gibilitumminu you get rich in Sicily", that is, "if Gibilitumolo fell you would find a treasure that would enrich Sicily". The legend of the hen with her twenty-five golden chicks that lived in the heart of the Gibilitumminu mountain, the horde Caltafaraci mountain, is connected to this saying. It is said that these chicks had the virtue of being invisible during the day. At night they showed up but never let themselves be caught. It is said, in fact, that some, eager to possess the great treasure, spent several nights around the mountain and that only a privileged few would have seen the chicks and that, upon chasing them, they would have seen them disappear in front of them. No one, to date, has ever managed to catch them.

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