Origin of the name Casteldaccia


Ferpint - CC3.0

The name Castellaccia literally means - castle of Accia -, where Accia means the fiefdom that arose around the monumental complex known today as Torre Duca di Salaparuta.
The origin of the term Accia is ancient and controversial. Various hypotheses have been formulated.
A first hypothesis, perhaps the least accredited, derives the term Accia from the word accia or celery, deriving from the ancient French ache. But this hypothesis finds no justification.
A second hypothesis derives the term Accia from Lachia, which recalls the Greek word λάχανον, which means vegetables and greens, and which would highlight the agricultural vocation of the area.
A third hypothesis would derive the term Accia from Laché, in Greek λαχή which means pit. This third hypothesis could find an explanation in the presence of a depression, comparable to a large pit, which characterizes the Accia territory, or in the fact that in this area since the 12th century there has been an increasing exploitation of quarries stone.

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