Museum of Ceramics of Caltagirone

Museum of Ceramics of Caltagirone


 Via Giardini Pubblici - Caltagirone (CT)

The Regional Museum of Ceramics of Caltagirone illustrates the historical production of ceramics on the island, from prehistoric times to the beginning of the twentieth century, with particular reference to the artefacts of Caltagirone through the collection of artifacts from all over Sicily.
Caltagirone has a long tradition in the manufacture and decoration of ceramics, we have news since the period of the Muslim conquest of the island. Over the centuries the city has continued to be a center of flourishing production and still today it is one of the main references of ceramic art in Italy.
The Museum is divided into seven sections: an educational room that offers an overview of ceramic production from prehistoric times to the present day; the room of prehistoric, protohistoric, Sicilian, Siceliot, Greek and Byzantine ceramics in which, among the tatnti, many Aeneolithic artifacts from Sant'Ippolito and Greek pottery with black and red figures, Hellenistic terracotta and Roman glass from the collection are exhibited Russo-Perez; the medieval ceramics room where Sicilian-Arab ceramics from the 10th to the 15th century are exhibited; the baroque ceramics room where there are sacristy amphorae and holy water stoups with plastic applications, from the 17th century with plant and animal subjects and small figures of saints; and finally the large room with a panoramic view of all the Sicilian majolica from the 17th to the 19th century.

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