Museum of Historic Villas in Caltagirone

Museum of Historic Villas in Caltagirone

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 Via Santa Maria di Gesù, 43 - Caltagirone (CT)

The Museo delle Ville Storiche Caltagironesi is part of the vast civic museum of Caltagirone, which includes the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the International Museum of the Nativity Collection Luigi Colaleo, and the Civic Museum at the Bourbon Prison.
The museum is housed in the halls of the aristocratic Villa Patti, renovated by the architect Gian Battista Nicastro in the second half of the nineteenth century with a Venetian neo-Gothic façade, with an extraordinary scenographic effect.
The Museum exhibits paintings, design drawings, engravings, photos of epoch, books, majolica and terracotta to tell the holiday life of Sicilian aristocratic families and in particular Caltagirone.

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