Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone

Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone


 Piazza S. Francesco D'Assisi, 9 - Caltagirone (CT)

The Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone is located within the Monumental Complex of the Friars Minor Conventual.
The diocesan museum exhibits silver, vestments, paintings and sculptures; the sections divided into exhibition rooms are set up preferring the liturgical-pastoral path through the typological criterion.
The first section, dedicated to silverware, is made up of four exhibition rooms where, through the cult of the saints, it is possible to understand the reasons that gave life to the artefacts for Eucharistic worship in the liturgical practice of the Church.
The second section, dedicated to the wallpapers, consists of a series of liturgical vestments dating back to a period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. Precious fabrics, enriched with gold and silver foil embroidery in colored silk, also show the richness of the symbolic figures, many of which are drawn from the medieval bestiary and which have come down to us still full of strong theological and pastoral meanings.
The third section, that of the picture gallery, is located in the picture gallery which consists of a single large room with a structure that creates three exhibition rooms and an ambulatory: it houses over thirty paintings, alongside which the sculptures are distributed along the exhibition path. all-round wooden elements, a Via Crucis in mother-of-pearl and jewels linked to Marian devotion.

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