San Francesco Bridge in Caltagirone

San Francesco Bridge in Caltagirone

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 Via Roma, 31 - Caltagirone (CT)

The Ponte San Francesco di Caltagirone , decorated with beautiful relief ceramics , connects two of the three hills on which the city stands.
The construction of the imposing building, designed by the Roman architect, Orazio Torriani, began in 1626 and completed in 1666 with the intervention of the great Messina architect, Bonaventura Certo. fill a difference in height of over fifteen meters and a distance of over fifty, which divided the level of the public squares from the hill of San Francesco. In 1776, on the occasion of the opening of Via Carolina, the bridge, originally with three arches, was enlarged with two other blind arches by the architect Francesco Battaglia in order to widen the southern entrance.

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