Centuripe Archaeological Museum

Centuripe Archaeological Museum

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 Via SS. Crocifisso, 1 - Centuripe (EN)

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Centuripe, not far from Agira, exhibits the largest collection of Roman archaeological finds in internal Sicily, and is located near the temple of the Augustales and other archaeological areas.
The Archaeological Museum houses a municipal collection and the materials from the excavations carried out in Centuripe since 1968.
The Collection of Cultural Anthropology preserves the objects of the popular tradition and of everyday life before the current industrial civilization. The exhibition in the central rooms is divided into different sections: agricultural work, wheat cultivation and other typical activities of the time. There are a series of reconstructions of artisan shops, a stone oven that served the whole neighborhood after the war and a Sicilian cart.
In the archaeological section, rather than strictly following the chronological sequence, it was decided to make a presentation by sites; within these the chronological development was followed. To contextualize the things on display, we relied on the use of reconstructions, models, drawings. The sites presented inside the museum are: Terme Bagni, where the impressive remains of a thermal building in the clay brick district are exhibited, dated around the 2nd - 3rd century AD; Corradino Castle, a majestic tower tomb datable between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. C .; Dogana that is a funerary tower structure dating back to the II-III century AD; Augustali that is the imperial temple of via Giulio Cesare.

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