Church of Sant'Antonino in Leonforte

Church of Sant'Antonino in Leonforte


 Via Cremona, 6 - Leonforte (EN)

The Church of Sant'Antonino in Leonforte, also known as the church of Sant'Antonio da Padova, was commissioned by Princess Caterina and built by N. Placido Branciforti. The first building collapsed and the church was rebuilt in 1636.
The church is adjacent to the princely palace and was used as a palatine chapel. The family entered it through an elevated covered corridor that led into the choir loft which unfortunately was demolished to make room for the current school building. precious aedicule containing a marble plaque. In the niche set in the center of the lintel of the tympanum there is an alabaster statuette of the Saint from Padua, the work of the Enna sculptor Gallina. The church is completed by a slender bell tower characterized by an elegant spire with bands of polychrome majolica.
The small, single-nave interior preserves a 17th century statue of the Immaculate Madonna whose face was ruined by a fire in 1881 and later restored, and the Via Crucis painted on canvas.

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