Church of Santa Croce in Leonforte

Church of Santa Croce in Leonforte

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 Via Contrasto - Leonforte (EN)

The Church of Santa Croce in Leonforte is located in a dominant position on a hill of Mount Cernigliere and enjoys a splendid view over the entire historic center. The year of construction is not known but the first historical sources that cite date back to 1727. Remained for several years in a state of neglect, it was rebuilt and returned to worship in 1858.
The stone facade with simple lines is enlivened by the entrance portal in Baroque style and is equipped with two elegant columns tortili and the bell loggia incorporated into the façade itself.
The interior, with a single nave, has a rectangular plan with an apse and a side chapel.
Its position and via Calvario are naturally designated for the Friday procession Holy.

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