Church of San Tommaso in Mineo

Church of San Tommaso in Mineo

Carlo Blangiforti - CC1.0


 Piazza Buglio - Mineo (CT)

The Church of San Tommaso a Mineo is also known as the Church of the Collegio because it was originally annexed to the Jesuit college.
It was built, together with the convent, in the early 1600s on a project by the architect and Jesuit Natale Masuccio.
L he building has an imposing but simple central facade with a single entrance portal. On the left side stands a beautiful bell tower restored in 1934.
The building has a Latin cross plan with a single nave.
Of particular value is the wrought iron balustrade of the ancient church of S. Benedetto. The Church preserves precious eighteenth-century stuccos and marble frontals. Noteworthy is the wooden crucifix with a reliquary of holy martyrs: San Valerio Martire, Santa Lucilla, Santa Costanza. Of particular note are: a deposition of the Caravaggesque Filippo Paladini from 1613; the sarcophagus of 1588 of Tommaso and Desiata De Guerreri, founders of the Jesuit complex; the marble altars of the '600; and the carved wooden pulpit from the 1700s.

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