Church of San Pietro a Mineo

Church of San Pietro a Mineo

Carlo Blangiforti - CC1.0


 Largo S. Pietro, 7 - Mineo (CT)

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Mineo stands majestically in the middle of the hill on which the church of S. Maria Maggiore stands.
The date of construction of the church is not known, it is mentioned for the first time in medieval times together with those of Sant'Agrippina and Santa Maria Maggiore. The building has undergone alterations and restorations over the centuries. It was damaged by the earthquakes of 1542 and by that of 1693. The restoration works lasted until 1770. The facade was only completed in the second half of the 19th century.
The facade, in Baroque style, is divided into three architectural orders . The main portal dominates the first order with a rich frieze on the architrave and an open triangle tympanum. On the sides of the portal there are four columns with high bases and Doric capitals at the top on which the first massive entablature rests. Laterally there are two smaller portals that lead into the respective side aisles of the church. The second order has architectural lines identical to those below. At the sides there are two small loops closed by four bases where the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul dominate and the two lateral ones with apical flames. Finally, the third order, rebuilt in 1928, is very simple and follows the pace of the second.
In the external perimeter walls there are two sandstone portals, in the first there is a niche framed with a Madonnina in memory of the centenary feast concerning the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. In the second, instead, there is a ceramic painting depicting St. Peter receiving the mandate of Jesus. The interior has a Latin cross plan with three naves; at the center of the cross the dome on four pillars dominates. The high altar covered with precious onyxes, raised on three steps, is all made of precious marble and dominates in the center a large wooden crucifix between six large metal candlesticks. Inside there are several altars and in the background of the right aisle there is the chapel of Christ at the Column with the fine marble portal that frames the beautiful oil painting, depicting the scene of Jesus' scourging on the column. In the chapel enclosed by the painting, the valuable statue of Christ with his arms tied behind his back to a silver column is preserved. Among the other works of artistic importance we remember: an organ from 1772, an eighteenth-century walnut choir, the wooden simulacrum of S. Lucia from 1700. The stuccos and oil paintings, ornaments and sacred vestments are valuable.

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