Morgana Palace in Mineo

Morgana Palace in Mineo

Antonio Pignato - CC4.0


 Largo Santa Maria Maggiore - Mineo (CT)

The Palazzo Morgana di Mineo is one of the most important civil buildings in Mineo although the original appearance is now partially altered and obscured by alterations, modifications and above all neglect.
The building that we can admire today is the one rebuilt after the 1693 Val di Noto earthquake. In the place where Palazzo Morgana stands there was an older building, presumably on the same perimeter, owned and inhabited until the early 1600s by the princely Buglio family, then the Buglio family was replaced by the baron Morgana di San Nicolò.
The building has external walls made of large exposed blocks and is shown in the natural color of the local stone. It has two orders of openings: ground floor windows with relief frames and in some cases traces of the carved decorations; doors with large balconies on the first floor with the shelf supported by four shelves or "cagnoli". The façade is enriched by the wide cornices, with an overhanging triangular molded decoration.
The main portal and the balcony above, due to construction, quality and attention to detail, come together in a single monumental body: two large columns on monolithic pedestals they rise to support the large balcony, with a series of alternating triglyphs, flowers and bucrania. The flowers are also repeated on the sides of the arch below. The balcony is surrounded by pilasters and surmounted by festoons with an elegant tympanum at the top, which goes beyond the ridge line of the facade, almost touching the roof tiles. At the entrance, two other smaller columns support the round arch.

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