Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli in Mussomeli

Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli in Mussomeli


 Via San Domenico, 2 - Mussomeli (CL)

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli in Mussomeli was once simply a church dedicated to San Domenico.
The building became a sanctuary following a miraculous event happened, as an ancient manuscript of the convent of San Domenico tells us, on 8 September 1530. The manuscript speaks of a poor paralytic who proceeded on the back of a mule and who stopped in the shade of a tree to rest . upon awakening man realized he could walk and cried out for a miracle. The people who rushed found the image of the Madonna and Child among the brambles. Thus it was that the church took the name of "Madonna dei Miracoli".
The sacred building was built in the mid-eighteenth century by the Dominican fathers and has the typical characteristics of Sicilian Baroque.
Inside the church of considerable value is a painting on stone of the Madonna with child, the large fresco on the vault of 1792, and, in the sacristy, the portrait of the Dominican father Biondolillo.
The sanctuary contains some nineteenth-century wooden statues, a Madonna dei Miracoli on the main altar, and a Madonna del Rosario in the sacristy.

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