Church of Maria SS del Carmelo in Sutera

Church of Maria SS del Carmelo in Sutera

Berthold Werner - CC3.0


 Piazza Carmine - Sutera (CL)

The Church of Maria SS del Carmelo in Sutera constitutes the heart of the Arab quarter of Rabatello. The year of construction of the Church is not known but, according to the most accredited studies, it is believed to date back to 1185, when the Carmelite Fathers of Jerusalem expressed the desire to enlarge the small church of the Annunziata located in the same place.
The church has a very simple facade enlivened by a small portico where you can admire inserts from the Ràbato mosque that adorn the access portal.
The interior of the building houses numerous works, among which the marble statue of the Madonna del Soccorso stands out, sculpted by Francesco Salamone in 1503, one of the thirteen knights of the challenge of Barletta. Among the other works present we remember: the paintings of the Good and Bad Death, of the Madonna del Carmelo, of San Giuseppe with the Child Jesus and of the Madonna dei Cuori, there are also the statues of the Immaculate Madonna, of the SS. Crucifix, of the Madonna del Carmelo, and the statuary group of the Annunciation.

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