The Cribs of Caltagirone

The Cribs of Caltagirone

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 2024 Jan 7 - 15

 Caltagirone (CT)

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The route of "The nativity scenes of Caltagirone" is a great event which includes, during the Christmas holidays, the opening of numerous exhibition spaces where it will be possible to admire the splendid artistic nativity scenes of Caltagirone.
The exhibition itinerary winds through the streets of the historic center of Caltagirone and leads the visitor on a journey of enchantment and charm, with the feeling of being in a timeless place, also discovering the art and beauty of the city, a UNESCO heritage site .
The nativity scenes that constitute the stages of the official route of the artistic nativity scenes of Caltagirone are:

The Animated Nativity Scene in terracotta and fabric created with animated characters in terracotta and fabric, with particular attention to costumes and settings.
 Piazza del Municipio, 18
  +39 333 1738146

The Crypt Nativity Scene by Gesualdo Patrì and sons.
 Via Bonaventura, 2
  +39 328 9334606

The Bethlehem Grotto and the Sicilian Nativity Scene, set in an ancient agricultural village, with a landscape characterized by mountains, valleys and typically Mediterranean vegetation.
 Via Bongiovanni, 85
  +39 346 6347763

The Museum of Dioramas where nativity scenes of various designs and origins are kept: the salt nativity scene, the bread nativity scene, the pasta nativity scene, the traditional Sicilian and Palestinian nativity scenes, and nativity scenes from various parts of the world.
 Via SS. Salvatore, 28
  +39 333 1635085"

Animated terracotta nativity scene displayed in the Church of the SS. Savior.
 Via SS. Salvatore, 26
  +39 338 1126812"

The nativity scene of 100,000 pieces where the nativity scenes are represented using LEGO bricks.
 Discesa S. Agata, 14
  +39 333 6029827"

The cotton nativity scene with animation made entirely with cotton figurines animated by particular mechanisms and enriched with fiber optic lights and a remarkably evocative aquarium effect.
 Via Luigi Sturzo, 58
  +39 333 1738146"

Nativity scene in the vintage Fiat 500 made with ceramic statuettes from Caltagirone and set up inside the car.
 Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 18
  +39 335 5303905"

Nativity nativity scene - Tradition and technology where the visitor has the sensation of being inside the nativity scene, of being a figure of the nativity scene. The nativity scene in fact includes a series of elements aimed at making the symbol of Christmas real and intense.
 Via Sagone, 1
  +39 338 1966514"

The Monumental Moving Nativity Scene "E nasciu", the largest animated artistic nativity scene in Italy, with moving terracotta and fabric figurines. The nativity scene is of international importance.
 Via San Pietro, 11
  +39 338 6324337"

The Natus Est Nativity Scene is an artistic nativity scene that represents the entire life of Jesus, from his Birth to his Resurrection.
 Via Neve, 2
  +39 392 1678797"

The Adoration of the Magi which represents the adoration of the Magi with characters from the ancient Sicilian puppet theatre.
 Via S. Pietro, 132
  +39 333 6029827"

The Sicilian Puppet Nativity Scene is a particular nativity scene representation created with the puppets of the Paladins of France.
 Piazza Marconi, 11
  +39 338 6324337"

The Caltagirone Miniature Nativity Scene which faithfully reproduces in scale all the monuments of the city, including the famous Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte with its 142 steps.
 Via Reitano, 2
  +39 333 1635085"

The Historic Nativity Scene of the 18th century, nativity scene of San Francesco and Santa Chiara, the oldest nativity scene in Caltagirone, created by the Vaccaro brothers, painters and sculptors of Caltagirone and set up inside the Cathedral of San Giuliano.
 Via Duomo, 5
  +39 338 3420475"

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