Summer fest of San Nicolò Politi in Alcara li Fusi

Summer fest of San Nicolò Politi in Alcara li Fusi

 Aug 2024

 Alcara Li Fusi (ME)

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In Alcara Li Fusi, the patron saint San Nicolò Politi is celebrated twice a year: on 3 May and 17 August. According to tradition, the anchorite saint originally from Adernò, today Adrano, lived for thirty years in prayer in Alcara Li Fusi, inside a small cave.
The festival that takes place on August 17 is celebrated in memory of its glorious passage to heaven with a long procession that crosses the whole town. On August 18, the day of the discovery of the body examined by the population, a pilgrimage takes place on foot to the Hermitage, where the church built around the cave where the Saint lived stands.

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