Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Monterosso Almo

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Monterosso Almo

 7 Apr 2024

 Monterosso Almo (RG)

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In the picturesque village of Monterosso Almo there are four celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint of Sorrows: on Easter Tuesday, Sunday in Albis, the fourth Sunday after Easter and the third Sunday in September when there is a very big fest.

The celebrations that take place on Sunday in Albis have ancient origins and are deeply felt by the population of the village.
On the occasion of the Sunday in Albis celebrations, the Simulacrum of the Patron Saint is carried on the shoulder, above "u baiardo", from the Sanctuary of Maria SS Addolorata in piazza Sant'Antonio up to the place where, before the earthquake of 1693, stood the ancient church of Sant'Antonio, a place known as "u Viecchiu". The terrible earthquake of the Val di Noto razed much of the town of Monterosso Almo to the ground and the church that stood in that place, leaving the Simulacrum of Addolorata unharmed. Every year, on Sunday in Albis, the Simulacrum returns to its place of origin to remember and keep alive the memory of that event. In this place the blessing is given to the fields and to all the people.
On the occasion of the Sunday celebrations in Albis various collateral events are organized such as the Cavateddi Festival organized in Piazza Sant'Antonio in the historic Matrice district.

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