Feast of San Calogero in Agrigento

Feast of San Calogero in Agrigento

Riccardo Spoto - CC3.0

 July 2024

 Agrigento (AG)

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The Feast of San Calogero of Agrigento takes place from the first to the second Sunday of July, and lasts for eight days during which profound Christian faith mixes with ancient traditions.
The celebrations begin on Sunday morning with "l'Alborata", the firing of firecrackers and the "Fair" of horses, cattle, sheep, traditional and modern agricultural tools.
In both on festive Sundays at noon the procession of the statue of the Saint carried on the shoulder takes place through the streets of the city along the traditional route that goes from Via Atenea to Porta Addolorata, where, around 6 pm, it is placed on the triumphal chariot. a second procession takes place which ends in Viale della Vittoria, with the participation of the municipal authorities and the brotherhoods of Agrigento.After the fireworks display, "a maschiata di San Calò" and the torchlight procession, the statue of the saint will return to the sanctuary.
On the occasion of the feast of San Calogero the traditional Wheat Festival also takes place, with the offertory procession in which the bearers and the faithful take part with the ex voto, the products of the earth and of the artisan to, followed by the procession of Sicilian carts, mules and animals, the musical band and traditional drums.

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