Feast of San Giuseppe in Casteldaccia

Feast of San Giuseppe in Casteldaccia

 March 2025

 Casteldaccia (PA)

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The feast of San Giuseppe in Casteldaccia is a very important event since Saint Joseph is also the Patron Saint of this town.
In Casteldaccia there are two celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint Saint Joseph: in the month of March, on of liturgical solemnity; and in the month of August when the summer festival takes place with the participation of many emigrant citizens and tourists.

On the occasion of the celebrations for St. Joseph in the month of March the main moments are the preparation of the traditional table of San Giuseppe with tasting of minestrone di San Giuseppe, prepared with various seasonal vegetables, and bread of San Giuseppe . The festivities culminate with the solemn procession.
A special feature of the simulacrum that is carried in the procession, dating back to the 18th century, is the fact that St. Joseph wears boots. This characteristic is so distinctive that the bearers, during their journey, shout Viva san Giuseppe con gliboots.
The culminating moment of the procession is the flying of the Angels, when two children suspended in the air by ropes recite poems in honor of the Saint.
In the evening, the simulacrum returns to the Mother Church and the fireworks show concludes the celebrations.

The big feast of San Giuseppe in Casteldaccia, which takes place in the month of August, alongside a rich religious which culminates with the solemn procession of the simulacrum of the Patron Saint, a rich recreational program with festivals, musical, folkloristic and entertainment shows.

Festa San Giuseppe a Casteldaccia 2024

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