Feast of San Giuseppe in Giarratana

Feast of San Giuseppe in Giarratana

 2024 March

 Giarratana (RG)

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Every year in Giarratana, on March 19, is the feast of the Holy Patriarch St. Joseph, a festival deeply felt by the locals. The city of Giarratana is devoted to San Bartolomeo and the Madonna della Neve, but San Giuseppe is the protector who unites all the people. All three of these figures are remembered during the feast because, during the procession, the simulacrum of San Giuseppe is taken to visit the churches where the simulacra of San Bartolomeo and the Madonna delle Nevi are found.
It is a feast of ancient and humble origins, rich in tradition and spirituality. Solemn Eucharistic celebrations take place in the Mother Church and, on the Sunday following March 19, the saint comes out on the shoulders of the church. Two processions take place, in the morning the saint is carried on the shoulders by the devotees, in the evening he is pulled by a motorized cart. The party ends with a fireworks display.

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